Outline of the Company

Outline of the Company
May 26, 2016

Is a company we find for Training and Information Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the major specialized in the field of training companies, owning a team is characterized by training and administrative efficiency that have contributed to reach the satisfaction of all the customers and ea Technical and Vocational Training Corporation confidence and also the Ministry of Atalim.
As we are talking about the company, we find for Training and Information Technology Co., Ltd. are talking about thirty years of hard and continuous work in the field of training, where the institutes find the training of the first training institutes in Saudi Arabia, the main center began its work in 1407 AH and special training for men, followed by the opening of many women's and men's branches in Riyadh.
The center has achieved an excellent reputation in the level of training by adopting Ay application approved by the Supervising Authority and the General Organization of vocational and technical training training and educational plans, as the company was keen to use the best means of explanation and clarification.
The company has developed a system for quality management and work to maintain it and improve it in accordance with requirements of a constantly Inteational Standard (ISO 9001: 2008).

The company's strategy:
- Training Success option.
- Work according to customer requirements.
- Start .. .. continued excellence.
- To get to our customers excellence in service provided to them.
- The development of govement departments and national companies and institutions to increase information
             Capita crisis and provide him with the skills that enable it to perform its function with minimal effort
- Make the company one of the greatest training companies in the Kingdom and the Arab world in the coming years. (Via specific strategic plan)
the letter :
- Contribute to the development of national cadres to achieve their ambitions in work and also help the state in creating a new generation armed with science and knowledge.
Through (skills development - development trends - changing behavior in many forms, including: the development of knowledge and information and the development of technical skills and Alizenah and humanity).


Najd Institute for men

Intersection of Bilal Street with Abdel Rahman Al-Dakhil

Najd Institute for WOMEN

Ayasha BEnt Abi Bakr Street

Najd high Institute for men


Najd high Institute for men

Alnaseem Abo Alaswad street