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Mr. Ramadan Aennzi, Director General of Najed company for training &IT

Mr. Ramadan Alenzi  considered is the one of business young men who relied on themselves at the beginning of his life and was one of the pioneers of private education in Saudi Arabia, where he chose for himself contribute to human development for its citizens, despite Dialt Aidaa material which carry it upon himself to contribute to the renaissance and youth training. The foundations of contagious find training in 1987 and put his slogan (training and must) and was his ...
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Alrasheed Mohammed Alnaem - head of programming section

A head of programming section at NAJED training and information technologyEducation:Sudan University of Science and technologyBachelor Degree 1993-1998Field of Study :computer and information system Courses:Andriod programing - India 2012IOS programing -india 2014CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) - india 2008 skills:web application developerPHP , MYSQL, MSSQL, Javascrpt. Ajax , Css , Html . bootstrap Android developer.IOS developer   Projects :I developed many ...
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